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Detailers all over the United States select Caliper to deliver a website that stands out from the rest with looks and performance. We are experienced in web development, giving us the upper hand in customization and building sites that are luxurious and appealing to your customers.

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Auto Detailing Websites and Website Design

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Here's how Caliper makes websites convenient for auto detailers

Custom Web Design

Projects are built for your brand, covering all core fundamentals and features needed for auto detailing websites.

Easy Maintenance

No contracts or hidden fees. Maintenance plans are affordable and available to keep your site always up to date.

Budget Friendly Pricing

We have a variety of auto detailing website design packages at affordable rates. Only 50% is required to begin development.

Quick Turnaround

On average, it takes around 1-2 weeks to have your website built from scratch. We work fast and accurately to get the job done.

Connect Social Media

Share your page on social media and look more attractive and get more clicks. Caliper helps you maximize your online presence.

Designed for SEO

We optimize your auto detailing website for search engine results such as Google by implementing an array of SEO strategies.

Feedback From Our Clients

"I'm getting so many calls and compliments."

"Everyone that looks at my website says I have the best one they've seen!"

"Caliper has made my job as a detailer 70% easier!"

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Detailing Flyer and Price Sheet Design

Custom Flyers & Graphic Designs for Your Detailing Business

Listing your services and/or prices on and easy-to-share flyer/social media post is a strong marketing method for your detailing business.

Fits your detailing business brand

Digital copies for social media

Shipped in multiple file types

Quick turnaround and replies

Affordable for all detailers

Requests updates/changes any time

Make Managing Your Detailing Business Easier

Free Auto Detailing Business Software

Sign up for our free CRM software and keep track of your jobs, clients, and services.

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CRM Software for Auto Detailers

Manage Clients and Jobs

Caliper's CRM provides you with a database to store and manage the important information to help you run your business.

Update Job Workflows

Stay on top of upcoming jobs and the jobs you're currently working on. Access your previous jobs and income data.

Use it Anywhere

Log in from your mobile phone or desktop anywhere and anytime to access your data, make additions, and stay organized.

In the beginning of 2021 we launched a new free CRM tool that helps detailers stay on top of their game by focusing on key metrics and data. Login from any device and access your account, add new customers, list your services and pricing, and track your job growth and income all in one feature-packed web application. The best part? It's absolutely free.

Manage Your Detailing Business From Anywhere

Our free detailing business CRM software is available through the web from any device that you choose.

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About Us

Caliper is the leading provider of websites and website design for auto detailers. Our journey began in mid-2020 when we started offering web design services to detailers in Florida and North Carolina. From there, our services expanded out to auto detailers across the entire United States. With every opportunity we strive to create the best possible websites.

We have helped dozens of detailers polish their brand and grow their business online by providing user-friendly websites that convert visitors into leads. In late 2020, we developed a CRM software for detailers to easily manage their own business with, resulting in tons of signups by detailers all over the world.

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