4 Reasons Why Your Auto Detailing Business Needs a Website


4 Reasons Why Your Auto Detailing Business Needs a Website

Your detailing business looks professional, but you’re looking to take the next step in your marketing efforts. A detailing website should be your highest priority if you don’t have one already, and there are a ton of reasons why you’ll benefit from having one. We’ll go over the 4 biggest reasons why your auto detailing business needs a website.

  • Auto detailing websites provide tons of useful information to customers

  • Websites work for you around the clock while you’re busy or away

  • Customers can book or request your detailing services directly online

  • You look more professional than auto detailers without websites

Auto Detailing Websites Provide Tons of Useful Information to Customers

Your website can answer just about any question a customer may have for you. Every question can be answered without you being physically there or attentive to answering those questions, allowing you more time to focus on detailing vehicles and other business tasks.

Some of the main questions that can be answered in a split second such are where you’re located, what time your business operates, and how to contact you. If your website doesn’t have this information, you need to add it as soon as possible.

A website acts like your 24 hour virtual assistant. While you’re busy with detailing and working with your customers, your website helps you attain new ones. When your services and pricing are listed on your website in an organized manner, it helps people determine what service they want or need, and how much they will need to pay.

Showing pictures of your work on your website gives new customers an idea of the quality of your work. Of course you should be posting your best pictures of your best work.

Basically all of the regular questions that you get from returning and potential customers, you can answer through your website. Why should you have to shift your attention to answering questions when there are tons of solutions out there to automate everything?

Websites Work For You Around the Clock While You’re Busy or Away

Around the clock. Your website doesn’t go anywhere, doesn’t go to sleep, and is always working for you. You save a substantial amount of time by having a website to answer questions, provide useful information, and even collect leads and schedule bookings.

With all of that time being saved, you can apply it to your work and probably fit 1-2 more cars into each day. So in the long run, your website not only increases your profits by its uses, but you also increase profit by having more time to focus on your current customers.

Sometimes it doesn’t take getting on the phone with people to answer all their questions. A simple FAQ section on your website can take care of that no problem. A custom booking form can get them right on your schedule without you having to pitch any sales.

All of this can be done at any time because your website is always up and running. Almost all questions can be answered instantly and without having to wait for a reply, or having to drag you away from your work. A website is a must-have in today’s era.

Customers Can Book or Request Your Detailing Services Directly Online

Collecting customer information from your website creates less friction between you and the customer. Receiving their booking information without having to do any work allows you to focus on the real task at hand, which is caring for their vehicle.

With the right design and functionality, the booking experience for your customers can be smooth and simple, resulting in more leads. This gives your customer a good impression about your business before you even come close to their vehicle.

You also get more time to prepare for your customers when they schedule ahead of time. Send them right to your website within minutes you can start to prepare or fit them into your schedule. Whether or not you choose a time slot is up to you. If you are not strict on your time slots, consider making your customers do less work when booking a service. This will result in more completed booking forms, which means more leads and more money.

The best part about websites is that you can plug in or link any online booking application that you have. So if you use something like Square who has their own online booking experience, it can either be directly embedded onto your actual website, or linked right to it. You want to have both because a lot more can be done with a website than just booking. When you put both together, your business becomes an online powerhouse.

You Look More Professional Than Detailers Without Websites

Your online presence makes a difference these days. If you don’t have an online presence, you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. If your pages look incomplete, inactive, or incomprehensible, then your business does not look engaged. A professionally designed website takes you over the top and gives you a strong online presence, regardless of your social media pages.

A website gives you the ability to show your work, link other pages, and show the values that you offer to new and returning customers. People visiting your website can get everything they need in one place, instead of having to bounce around all your pages.

There’s a lot of competition out there. Setting yourself apart from other detailers can be done by having a strong online presence, with a professional look and user-friendly experiences.

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