Auto Detailing Website Templates - What Are They?


Auto Detailing Website Templates

There’s custom websites, and then there’s websites built using templates. There are pros and cons to using both, but custom websites will always win in the end. In this article, we’re going to cover auto detailing website templates, and if they’re suitable for your business needs and goals.

A website template is simply a pre-built website that is ready to be plugged in and adjusted to fit a business by changing the photos, logos, text, etc. So the only thing really being “customized” is the contents of the website. The design, animations, and theme are basically what you would call “cookie cutter” which means it’s probably been used multiple times to create the same kind of website.

Website templates are sold on market places, offered by DIY website builders, and can easily be found and used. The issue is that the website is going to look similar to many others out there who have used the same template. By hiring the right professional, website templates can be further customized, or you can get a unique website built without ever needing a template in the first place.

Auto detailing website templates are the same as any regular website template, except they are geared towards detailing businesses and the marketing efforts that go into helping a detailing business grow. With the research we’ve done, there aren’t as many out there as there are for other businesses, such as e-commerce stores and online businesses. You can find thousands of templates for them with modernized looks.

Among the limited available auto detailing website templates out there, are a lot outdated designs, rendering them useless when it comes to online marketing. To succeed on the internet today, you need a well designed website with modernized looks and features. If anything gives off the style of an outdated look, a lot of people steer away from it.

Integrated booking has been a feature rapidly growing in auto detailing websites. Many detailers use a booking app like Square, Acuity, Housecall Pro, etc.

Some auto detailing website templates limit the ability to integrate your booking applications into your website. Often times a few lines of code are provided to be pasted onto your website. If the template is being designed on a platform that doesn’t let you edit the source code, you are missing the opportunity to integrate your booking application

Other times, the template may come with it’s own simple booking form or booking application, but if you are already using something else then this is also not efficient for your business.

The solution is to allow a professional to design and develop a website that fits your needs, rather than only take what a template can offer you. There are strategies that go into building an efficient auto detailing website that templates can’t always accomplish.

Another factor to consider is your SEO and the long term goals of ranking for keywords and getting to the top of Google. One thing Google flags is duplicate content, which is often found in website templates. If you’re editing the website template yourself, be sure to look for all template text, and other placeholder contents that you need to swap out with your own.

Google will rank your site lower if it notices duplicate content or content that doesn’t match the intentions of your website, such as showing up for “detailing near me”. Often times, those who create custom websites can also gear them for SEO efforts and get past the obstacles we just mentioned.

The pros of using an auto detailing website template is that you can quickly get your website up and running. Another pro is that you may be able to do it all yourself without hiring someone, and you can save money.

But do consider the long-term effects of those pros. Are you going to end up with a website that ranks high and gets you more traffic and leads? Only if the website is optimized correctly. Would it be a better decision to invest some money into getting a website that has its own unique look, functionality intended to turn visitors into customers, and has you ranking higher on Google?

No matter how quick you can get your template designed and up and running, there are ongoing efforts that go into making a website perform to its best ability. So with all of this effort that is required, investing into these efforts should be considered wisely.

One of the biggest mistakes is uploading large photos that slow your website down. This dramatically reduces your chance of people staying on your website, and tells Google your site is slow. Google like to show the faster websites. This is one of many optimization factors that go into customizing your website to get it right.

Even the $500+ website templates need to be optimized for your detailing business, so would a free or cheaper one work better? Not without optimization. The point here is no matter how you go about getting a designed website, you need a professional to optimize it. There’s so many websites on the internet that Google and other search engines have to observe many more factors in order to determine who shows up in search results.

With all of this information put into consideration, it is recommended to put your investments into a custom website developed by a professional, instead of going with a pre-built auto detailing website.

The detailing industry is growing every day and new competition is coming from everywhere. Your marketing efforts are going to determine if you can beat all of this competition.

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