Creative Ways to Get Customers for Car Detailing


Creative Ways to Get Customers for Car Detailing

Getting customers for car detailing can be a difficult challenge. Especially if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else. You’re supposed to do what works, but in your way and in a tone that separates your brand from the next.

It's a lot easier now to get in front of your target audience with social media and online marketing. How you convert them into customers will depend on your strategies and methods that give a good impression of your detailing business.

So how do you get more customers for car detailing? There are different techniques and strategies out there, with many of them backed up by tons of research. Here are some creative ways to get customers for your car detailing business.

Use QR Codes to Easily Bring Customers to Your Detailing Website or Booking App

QR codes are very useful because they ease the entire process of getting to a certain page. All people have to do is pull their phone camera out, and click the link that appears for them. This link will be to your detailing website or your booking application. We recommend that your QR code links to a page where customers can easily get in touch with you.

Thanks to the QR code, they don’t have to manually open their browser app or type in the website address. This type of early convenience says a lot about your marketing efforts and your business in general. It also helps you get more leads.

Once you’ve got your QR code, put it on your business card. If you don’t have one, there are a lot of great places to get business cards for your auto detailing services. You should also put the QR code on your flyers, and any marketing material that you’ll be handing out. One of the most ideal locations for your QR code is the bottom right/left of your price menu.

Add Your Car Detailing Business Brand to Air Fresheners

Everyone likes a good scent. Most of the time, air fresheners are hung on the rear view mirror which is always in the driver’s view. Why not have your logo there? When the car’s scent runs out, or when the car feels dirty, you will be the first person or business that your customer is going to think of.

You can find custom air fresheners online with different scents and designs. With a nice logo and color scheme, you can most likely put something really cool and custom together. This method really makes you stand out from other car washes who use the common air fresheners, and your brand will always be there in sight and in mind of your customers.

After each detail, simply provide or install your custom air freshener to the customer’s vehicle, and you can almost guarantee you’ll be hearing back from them again in the near future. Creating returning customers will substantially help you grow your detailing business.

Do a Free Giveaway Contest for a Free Car Detail Service

Everyone loves free things. If there’s a contest to earn a free car detail, people are going to join in. The key is to make it easy to follow, easy to complete, and required to share. A typical online giveaway contest usually includes these requirements: Following your page, commenting or tagging someone in the comments, and sharing the post that includes information about the contest.

So people can enter to get something free if they spread the word. In return, you’ll see more followers, and more people entering the contest. You also create the opportunity for everyone who sees your post to click on your page and find interest in one or more of your other detailing services.

Even though they were engaged to try and get a car detail with no cost, a percentage of these people will stick around to purchase one of your services and/or wait for another sale or contest in the future. The exposure and growth of your pages should be your focus, and you will then see more customers.

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