Running Google Ads for Your Detailing Business


Running Google Ads for Your Auto Detailing Business

You’ve earned some funds that you’d like to put right back into your business. With Google being the most popular search engine, you probably see a lot of opportunity to get more detailing customers through Google ads. When you pay for advertisements, you’re showing up at the top of Google as soon as your ad goes live and people begin searching for what you intend to show up in the results for.

A simple, “detailer near me” on Google can help your potential clients find someone to clean their car within minutes. Here’s how to get in front of those people.

Google likes to show advertised results before they show natural, organic results. The only way to show up in advertised results is by setting up Google ads. A simple breakdown of how it works: You set up some titles and keywords, a location, and a budget limit. Each time your ad gets clicked, you get charged a small amount until you eventually reach your budget limit. You can do this online or through the Google Ads app, however, the interface is better to use on a desktop so you can see all of the settings.

The first step in the process is to enter some titles and descriptions, and search queries that you want to show up for. This is where a focus on keywords is needed, so that your ad shows up in front of the right people and you’re not wasting money on ad clicks. The goal is to get your ad in front of people interested in a service or product that you offer, and you want them to see you before your competitors.

How do you come up with the right keywords to use? Focus on these aspects of your business:

  • Your location (city or nearby large city that you offer services in)
  • Your main services (paint correction, ceramic coating, mobile detailing work well)
  • Quality of your brand. “Best”, “Top rated”, “High quality” are good examples.

Always make sure you spell your keywords correctly and use proper grammar and capitalize correctly.

  • Your headings should not look like:
    “Mobile detailing in orlando”

  • Your headings should look like:
    “Mobile Detailing in Orlando”

After you’ve set your titles, you’ll be asked for a general location. So if you select New York, only people in New York will see your ad. This is to make sure you’re not wasting ad click money on someone who can’t even purchase from you. You can select cities, states, and countries to be location specific and accurate. If you’re a mobile detailer, this will be very useful for you.

Google will then ask for the search queries you would like to show up for. This is just about the same as your keywords that you’ve already put together. On the actual keywords/search queries section on the Google Ads page, you should select about 8-10 different search terms to show up for. Make sure not to go past 10 or Google will give you a warning.

Once you’ve selected the search queries, you’ll then be asked to set your budget. The cool part about Google Ads is that you’re only charged money when someone clicks your ad. This generally can cost anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars. Google determines how much the cost of the ad was by a number of factors in its algorithm, and it is a little different each time. When you set your budget, it’s more like a limit. So you’ll get charged each time someone clicks your ad, up until you’ve reached your limit.

Google will offer you a daily spend, and you can adjust that to any number that you’d like. The more money you spend each day, the more people your ad will show up in front of. So the larger your budget, the more potential customers you will get in front of.

If you have a good website with a user-friendly design and a way for people to easily contact you, your ad clicks can turn into paying customers and you will profit from Google ads. It’s a very good investment avenue if you have a good website and a good ad strategy set up. By following our tips above, you should have a pretty good strategy. And if you need a website, we can provide you with a user-friendly one as well.