How Much Should You Charge for Ceramic Coating?


How Much Should You Charge for Ceramic Coating?

With different brands and products all over the market, it can be hard to choose exactly how much you’d want to charge for a ceramic coating.

One thing to know for sure is ceramic coating is a premium service, and it takes effort and skills. You should be comfortable charging a good amount of money for this service, and confident enough to justify it.

We’ll cover a few strategies and methods to help you plan your pricing, and figure out what is the best price to charge for ceramic coating on vehicles. As well as marketing your services and upselling.

Consider Brands and Costs

If you are a new detailer, it’s important to understand that most ceramic coating companies that are legitimate only allow authorized installers to use their products.

That means you must first be certified by the company and then you will be able to apply ceramic coatings. When you are certified, you stand out as a professional to your customers.

This can be a selling point and gives you the opportunity to have them purchase this service. When a product is exclusive and is only available to certain people, it makes customers want that product more.

You should also explain the benefits of these ceramic coating products to your customers. If you can explain it well, you can put any price tag you want on it. What is the coating going to protect them from?

Another efficient way of informing your clients about this service is by having information about ceramic coating on your website. This will make it easy for them to read and understand what they will be getting from the service. Feel free to showcase your work too.

How will it maintain the value of their vehicle? Make sure to go over the things that will best benefit your customer.

Internally, you should be looking at the cost of the ceramic coating product and how much of the product you use on each vehicle.

This will help you determine the cost of each job. If you are using a premium brand/product, a small bottle can cost over $100, so make sure to consider this when you are charging for ceramic coating.

Some companies offer a pricing structure that you should go with that already includes the costs mentioned above. Otherwise, you should make sure in your calculations that you are making a profit on the work.

Location and Competition Matters

Your location matters too. If everyone in your area is charging a certain average for ceramic coating, you should offer a package with a competitive price.

Understand where you're at locally and see what detailers near you are offering for the same services/products to get the best idea of the competitive market.

Ceramic coating is a big job, and when done right, won’t need to be installed again for a while. Once a customer has their mind set on an installer, they’re out of the market for a few months to a few years.

So you really have to make the sale by offering value. Going back to our tips earlier, explain the benefits of ceramic coating to your customers, but also explain why they should choose your detailing business to install it for them.

Show your value, show your work, and make sure people can see your reviews and leave them. Word of mouth is huge for auto detailing and ceramic coating. The more value you offer, the higher price you can charge and consider charging for installation.

Be Honest With Your Timing

How long does it take you to coat a vehicle without rushing the work? Give yourself time here and don’t use your fastest job done as your expected timeframe.

If you charge $1000 for ceramic coating and it usually takes you 5 hours on a sedan, then you can expect to make $200 per hour on average. Give yourself time for delays or obstacles that can interfere with your work.

If you have a team, a partner, or split jobs with another detailing business, then of course divide everything up by how many individuals are involved.

For larger vehicles, do the same math and calculations considering it may take a little bit longer depending on the size of the vehicle. Don’t set yourself up for a rushed job by always trying to meet the quickest time frame.

Take your time with ceramic coating, and charge more to make up for that time. This is an expensive service, and if you do everything right, you can absolutely justify charging a good amount of money.

Some detailers charge anywhere from $500 to $5000 for ceramic coating.

Look at the Length and Durability of the Product

So how much should you charge? Putting together the elements in this post, you’ll be able to comfortably set your prices for ceramic coating.

Some detailing businesses will separate packages based on the quality of the coating and how long each product lasts. Ceramic coating companies claim their products can last anywhere from 6 months to a lifetime.

Of course, if this installation is going to last a lifetime, it is going to be on the higher end of the price sheet. Not only will the actual cost of the product be higher, but this length of protection should be reflected in the vehicle’s value. The value of the vehicle will be increased/retained due to how long it will be protected from common road elements.

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