How to Get Returning Customers for Your Car Detailing Business


How to Get Returning Customers for Your Car Detailing Business

Customers that come back are very important to the growth and stability of your business. The good thing about the detailing industry is that car’s don’t stay clean, and the demand for a car wash is always needed somewhere.

So how do you get customers to come back? It starts with your connection with that customer and creating an awesome experience for them.

You only have one chance to make a best first impression. Do the following actions to turn your first-time customers into returning clients to pump cash flow into your business:

  1. Be Professional
  2. Make Sure They Follow You on Social Media
  3. Offer Incentives/Discounts for a Next Detail
  4. Get a Review From Them

Be Professional

On top of doing quality work for your clients, make sure you are professional to them directly. This is done by speaking well to them and being positive and speaking in a tone that shows you are calm but excited to help. Try to leave out a negative tone about any difficulties or challenges you may face.

Also remember this is the best opportunity to set boundaries as well. So make sure you get certain information across in a professional manner so that you aren’t unknowingly taken advantage of later on.

A common example is when it comes to cars with excessive dirt or pet hair that requires an additional charge. It’s best to set this straight right away but in a positive way.

Instead of saying “There’s a lot of pet hair in here. We’re going to have to charge more”

“Our interior detailing package covers vacuuming your interior, but we’re always prepared to use special tools we have on hand that will be more effective in removing the build up of pet hair in your back seat and trunk.”

When you say it that way, it justifies having to charge more in a way that makes you look more professional as a detailer.

You’re the expert, and you know what’s needed to actually get the job done. How you communicate this to your customers will result in how much they believe in your expertise.

Make Sure Your Customers Follow You on Social Media

Where’s one of the first places you go to promote a new sale or special? Most likely one of your social media accounts.

Your followers come from all over, but the quality of your followers matters too. The highest quality follower you can have is someone who truly supports your business, a paying customer.

Someone who’s already done business with you will be more enticed when you run a special because they already know how well you work and how professional you are.

Simply put, they are comfortable because they’ve experienced it before.

So how do you get your customers to follow you on social media? There are many angles you can tackle this from but we’ll give you the most effective ones:

  • Have your social media icons and page names posted in your shop or on your detailing van
  • Leave a business card with your social media accounts in the vehicle after detailing or hand it to your customer
  • Offer a discount on their current or next visit when they follow one or more of your social media accounts
  • QR codes
  • Simply ask your customer to follow or like your social media page

Offer Incentives/Discounts for a Next Detail

This is one of the more effective methods to growing returning customers for your auto detailing business. Everyone loves discounts and saving money.

If you’re detailing someone’s car for the first time, there’s a lot of uncertainty on both sides on whether you’ll be detailing that car again.

Of course doing a great job can sometimes be enough to get them to come back, but give them something else to think about, such as “I could pay less for this same service next time I bring my car back here.”

You could also offer a discount on a new service they didn’t purchase the first time around.

It really depends on the customer and their needs. You may have a general discount that you offer to everyone, but try to look at each one of your client’s and see if there’s anything specific they may need.

If you can solve a problem for your customers or create a new level of comfort, they’ll be back every month.

Get a Review From Your Customer

After they’re satisfied with the services you provided, try and get that 5 star review.

Not only does this help with your Google rankings and overall trust in your brand, but it makes your customer think about their experience with you again as they write out the review.

As your customer reflects back on how everything went and puts it into words, mentally they have to take themselves back through your services, and that results in them remembering you more.

Getting reviews for your detailing business helps you in a variety of ways. The best time to get a customer to leave you a review is when they’re at peak satisfaction. This is typically shortly after the service is completed.

You could combine the last two steps and offer a discount to your customers on their next visit after they leave you a review. This is a very effective method as well.

Remember to always be professional and do your best. This alone will make your customers think highly of you.

How you communicate is just as important as how well you work. Make sure your customers understand you and that there’s a connection between you and them.

Be bold with your brand, and offer incentives to anyone willing to support your detailing business and be a returning customer.

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