How to Market Your Detailing Business in 2022


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If you’re looking to upgrade your marketing strategy for your detailing business in 2022, or if you’re wanting to get off on the right foot because you just started out, then this article is for you.

We’re going to clarify some of the common misunderstandings about marketing for detailers, while going over the best strategies that detailers use to gain exposure and grow their auto detailing business.

As a car detailer, your schedule is busy and you don't have time to go through trial and error with every idea for marketing your detailing business. You need results and you need them right away.

We want you to read this article and hopefully clear up your strategy so you can dive right in and avoid common mistakes.

If someone has already done all of the testing for you, why not go with what's proven to work? With the strategies mentioned below, you'll be on the right track for marketing your detailing business in 2022 because you'll be doing the strategies that work.

Before we jump into these strategies, we want to point out three focus points that should be your forefront. In other words, your marketing strategy should be a balanced effort of the following:

  • Word of Mouth From Your Previous and Current Detailing Customers

  • Local Clientele and People in Your Area Looking for a Detailer

  • Social Media / Online Presence for Your Auto Detailing Business

Using these three focus points together will bring you new and returning customers from every direction. We're going to break down how each one works and prepare you to market your auto detailing business to get better results in 2022.

Word of Mouth From Your Previous and Current Detailing Customers

This is often a common recommendation by many detailers. It’s true, word of mouth is one of the greatest ways to get more detailing clients. The best way to do this is by providing quality work to all of your customers.

Be organized and consistent, be on time, and bring a wow-factor along with your business. A wow-factor makes you unique, and is often the main topic of why people will say good things about you.

Your cusomers will notice the difference that you make and they will be excited to tell others about the quality of your work and your knowledge of auto detailing.

Everyone needs a detailer who is knowledgable, if you can show this to your clients, they will more than likely inform others about how you know your stuff. You can do this not only by doing your best job, but also leaving your mark.

Common strategies such as branded floor mat covers, business cards (and cards that fit in cup holders), and air fresheners work very well and make impressions long after your work has been done..

You stand out from other detailers when you do this, because you establish professionalism and pride in your work along with the quality services that you provide.

With a market that is growing with detailing businesses every day, you have to make a difference so that people will choose you to detail their vehicles.

Later in this article, we’ll also go over creating an online presence. Keep word of mouth in mind when it comes to online presence, such as online reviews and consistenly posting high-quality videos on your social media platforms.

Local Clientele and People in Your Area Looking for a Detailer

Even if you’re a mobile detailer, chances are you don’t want to commute that far for work. So anyone outside of your local area shouldn’t be a focus until you offer services in those locations. Local clientele is your focus.

The best and most common way to start marketing your business locally is by setting up a Google MyBusiness account. One of the most frequent searches is “auto detailing near me” or “car detailing (with your city name here)”.

Google’s response to this search is to show local MyBusiness listings to make it convenient for people to find detailers nearby. Just like you, your clients don’t want to have to travel far either, especially after getting their vehicle detailed!

You can set up your account for no cost and with just a few business details you’ll be up and running in no time. Make sure you enter the code that they send you in the mail, this verifies your location and your business so that you start to show up in local listings.

Once your Google MyBusiness account is setup, you need to provide a gateway for every possible way for people to get in contact with you. This means to add more than just your phone number.

You need an auto detailing business website, which allows you to show off your work, promote other content that Google doesn’t have on your profile, and have a service request form.

It’s also important to have your address on your Google MyBusiness profile, and to also have your website optimized for local SEO.

Something we want to clarify about websites is they take a little longer than your Google MyBusiness profile to start showing up in searches (especially higher ranking in searches).

Google wouldn’t be legitimate if new websites could come in and rank higher than the top dogs who have been there for years, creating tons of content and having a large online presence. You’re not going to top it right away, but there are ways to jump into the competition right away. Keep reading.

Social Media / Online Presence for Your Auto Detailing Business

Everything is online, so it’s important for you to be present as well. Like many detailers, the first step is getting your social media accounts created.

Below is a step-by-step guide to establish yourself online and look professional from the beginning.

  1. Set up a business email account.

  2. Use this business email account to sign up for your social media accounts.

  3. Start with Instagram and Facebook, make sure to switch to the Business Account (for Instagram) and create a Business Page (for Facebook).

  4. Create a simple but clean logo with an app like Canva, or higher a logo designer to create one for you.

  5. Set the logo as your profile picture on all social media accounts.

  6. Use the same logo for every profile picture for familiarity. The good news is Facebook owns Instagram so setting up your business accounts can be done almost simultaneously.

  7. Take high quality photos of your work and post them on all of your pages. Always use a caption with professional grammar and a positive attitude.

  8. Use hashtags on Instagram like #detailersofinstagram and #autodetailing to be recognized by people all over social media.

  9. You want as many followers as you can get so that you look more credible, which is why it’s okay to get followers out of your local area. You can do so by using hashtags like the ones mentioned above.

  10. Take videos of your work, and get familiar with TikTok and/or Instagram Reels and post your videos there. You can get a lot of exposure just by posting a quality video of your work.

  11. Many people commonly find detailing videos as satisfying to watch, and are quick to hit that follow button if they see good content.

By posting consistently while looking professional and credible, your online presence will grow quickly. Make sure not to get too caught up with it, you have to focus on getting local clients too.

A great way to put 2 and 2 together and grow your online presence locally is to list yourself on every local listing platform. By now you should have Google, Facebook, and Instagram on your checklist, here are some other amazing platforms to get local clients and establish a strong online brand

  • Yelp
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Nextdoor
  • Angi
  • Craigslist

We’re hoping you took something from this article that you can start to implement into your business strategy and market your detailing business in 2022.

Through our time of working with auto detailers, we’ve witnessed that a lot of the strategies that we mentioned do work well, and that those in the detailing industry often recommend these tactics.