5 Marketing Tips for Auto Detailers


Auto detailing on a vehicle trunk

Your auto detailing business has a lot of potential. With more people focusing on the value, looks, and longevity of their vehicle, there is a huge demand for detailers to take care of that.

How you market yourself will determine how many people come to you for business. Anyone can wash a car, but how can you stand out as a professional?

1. Take Photos and Videos of All Your Work

Every minute you spend detailing should be added to your portfolio, don’t let a vehicle get service without getting yourself some marketing material out of it first. After all, it is your work!

Post your photos and videos to social media, share with friends, post on your snapchat story, and continue to share your work.

Show what you are capable of when it comes to providing quality auto detailing services.

Make sure to use a photo editing app to put a watermark logo or your auto detailing business name somewhere so that it can be visible.

By watermarking your content, you make it more difficult for people to steal your content, and it also signifies where the photo or video came from if it ever goes viral or is shared by a lot of people.

2. Go to Local Business Plazas and Offer Your Services

What’s better than walking into your brand new looking car after a long day at the office?

This method is being used by auto detailing businesses all over the globe, and it’s a very effective way to bring in a lot of revenue.

The word of mouth has much more potential. If someone is at work and their car is currently being detailed, they’ll most likely share this with other people in their workplace due to their excitement.

This will lead to “Hey, I want my car detailed too!” which brings you more business.

We're telling a true story here. Exquisite Auto Detail would come to local offices in Clearwater, Florida and would be booked for the day detailing cars from 9 to 5 (or longer), all in the same location.

Another benefit here is being able to detail more cars with less transportation.

One more great point about this method is that all of those potential clients most likely won’t need their vehicles throughout the entire work day.

This opens up your timeframe to get more clients and complete work for them all from one source without any interruptions.

3. Have a Business Website

This is huge. Your website makes your business legit and makes new potential customers more comfortable to move forward with your services.

You look more professional, and you can provide a lot of information all in one place.

As an auto detailer, you are going to be busy. The weight of having to deal with leads through phone calls and direct messaging can be heavy because it takes you away from actually getting work done.

It still has to be done, so you need a website to handle your leads while you’re busy.

The luxury of a website is that it can run the marketing of your business not only while you’re busy, but while you’re sleeping, driving, or doing other activities.

There are many ways to drive more traffic to your website.

4. Look for People Who Just Got a New Vehicle

You might be thinking, “If their car is new and in good condition, why should I go for them?”.

Well, it’s kind of hard to offer ceramic coating and other protection to cars that are already damaged, unless they’re willing to pay for corrections too.

People who just got a new vehicle are going to want to keep it in good shape, this is your time to step in and be that provider.

In fact, you’re more likely to make them a returning customer, than someone who has a beat up car and only wants a touch up once in a while.

5. Keep a Stack of Business Cards

Probably the fastest way to get in front of more potential clients is to hand out business cards. As humans, we forget things. We all have our own lives with things that can consume our thinking.

The point here is that if you tell someone you run an auto detailing business, they might forget. If you hand them a business card, they’ll always have that information and even if they do forget what you told them, they’ll be reminded.

Think of your business card as a reminder, and make sure to distribute your cards to a variety of places where you think you can get clients.

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