Not Everyone Wants to Fill Out Your Booking Form


Not Everyone Wants to Fill Out Your Booking Form

For many auto detailing businesses, having a booking process is important to getting customers on their schedule and staying organized. This is necessary especially if you are handling a lot of jobs.

Although it’s a great and important tool to have, it can easily be misused resulting in less bookings. Every booking platform is different in terms of how user-friendly the system is.

Some booking platforms are hard to fill out and not everyone is tech savvy enough to get through them. This can result in lower bookings/less customers on your schedule if you have this as the only option for acquiring new customers.

So how do you combat this? You don’t want to spend all day adding every customer to your calendar manually, that can take too much time. Keep reading to get a better handling of this obstacle.

Unfortunately? Sometimes you may have to do that. Fortunately, however, that is another customer supporting the growth of your business. There is an efficient way to do this without killing your time or spending your day working on your calendar.

Now you don’t have to ditch your booking system, you just have to understand your target audience and create easier avenues for them to get in touch with you.

In fact, your website or booking site most likely already has 2-3 contact methods listed, such as your phone number, your email, or your address. This is great, but you’re still missing one piece to the puzzle.

Someone may find it easier to just call your business number rather than fill out the booking form on your website, but how can you make it even easier for them?

Have a booking form and a simple contact/request form directly on your website, and make it known they can either “Book” or “Request a Quote”, or something similar to that verbiage.

You may be asking “why would someone request when they can just book?”, and the answer is, not everyone wants to book. They may not have as clear of a schedule at the time, or they may not know exactly what they need done.

That’s totally okay, where this becomes a problem is when there is no other option for them to get in touch with you. They often will look somewhere else where the initial experience is more simple.

So get their name, phone number, email address, vehicle information, and a short message. The general rule of thumb is the less work someone has to do, the more likely they are to fill the form out.

The harsh reality is most people are lazy and don’t want to spend that much time filling out a form unless they have to, these are also people probably too lazy to detail their own vehicle and are in need of your services. You don’t want to lose out on the opportunity with them, even if that means having to do a little more work on your end.

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