How to Show Up for "Detailing Near Me" Searches


How to Show Up for "Detailing Near Me" Searches

People go to their internet browser and search for everything. Mainly because of how quick it is to get an answer or find a product or service. With 100k+ “detailing near me” searches on Google each month, it’s important to get in front of these people if you run a detailing business.

The two tools you need in order to show up for “detailing near me” is a professional website, and a Google MyBusiness listing. This puts you in 2 different locations in the search results and can have you getting leads left and right, especially if your website is ranking high enough.

When people search “detailing near me”, they’re asking Google to show them results based on one major factor, their location. If someone in Boston, MA is searching “detailing near me”, they are not going to have any interest in a business located far from there. You must take this into consideration.

Think about where you are located and where you provide services. Are you close to a big city? If so, there’s a chance a lot of people are searching “detailers near me” or “car cleaning” in that area. In the scenario that you have the option to optimize for a smaller town closer to you (ex: 25 searches / month) or a larger city that’s still close to you (ex: 1000 searches per month), you should go with the larger city.

Professional Detailing Website

It’s more important than ever to have a professional website. The first thing people notice when they go to your website is the speed, design, and functionality. Your website should look good and function well on mobile devices, since many people pull out their phones to search for a detailer near their location.

Your website should include your location. Local SEO is a strategy to get your website ranking in your local area by optimizing your website in a way that tells the search engine you are a good result for a “detailer near me” search for people close to your business. You have to get in front of the right audience. It starts with a professional website.

If you’re a mobile detailer, you don’t have to overload your website to optimize for every location that you service. Additional locations can still be optimized, but there is always going to be a primary location because it usually requires providing an address. You can include areas you service anywhere on your website. Some recommended areas to place your service locations are on your contact page, your footers, or even a dedicated page just for every area that you provide detailing services.

If you are a detailing shop and do not provide mobile services, you can still aim for searches outside of your primary location for “detailing near me” searches. People might drive to you if they see the value in your business. A professional website gives them that opportunity right away.

Hire a professional to do this for you. They know all of the places in the frontend and backend of your website to place your local information. There are certain areas where Google looks more than others when deciding who to put in the search results, and it’s important to let an expert handle that.

With a website, you unlock a third tool to show up for “detailing near me”. That is the ability to run efficient advertisements through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns and put you on the first page of Google search almost immediately. These are paid advertisements though, and you will be charged anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars each time someone clicks your ad.

Your website comes in handy by creating a friendly and easy experience for your visitors, which will make them trust your brand and contact you. By converting website visitors from your paid ads into your own paying customers, this third tool that you’ve unlocked is a huge investment opportunity. You can set specific keywords such as “detailing near me” or “detailing (your city name)”.

Google MyBusiness Listing

This one is important. Google has an entire section in the search results that shows up above all websites. Especially when the search includes “near me”. In this section, only Google MyBusiness listings are shown, usually with a map. This even has you ranking above car washes, self-service washes, and drive through washes. Your potential customers will see your listing and might think twice about taking their car through a machine wash.

To sign up to be on Google MyBusiness, there are a few steps you must follow. Mainly entering information about your services, your location, the type of business you are, etc.

After you sign up and provide an address, Google will physically mail you a verification code which takes a week or so to receive. When you receive the code and verify your account, you can begin to show up in the listings and you can adjust more settings on your account.

Google lets you put some main links and buttons on your listing, such as your phone number, address (for maps), and your website. These show up as large icons with each listing, and people can quickly tell who has a website and who isn’t listing one. In many cases, people prefer the business that has everything available.

With a Google MyBusiness account and a website, you’ve given potential detailing customers a variety of ways to get in touch with you. Not everyone is comfortable on the phone, and they would rather fill out a booking form on your website. Some people aren’t tech savvy and just need your phone number as soon as possible.

Consider your locations and the surrounding locations that you service. Be sure to have a primary location that you want to mostly show up for, and include other locations that you service in areas on your website such as your contact page, your footers, or anywhere else you see fit.

Don’t underestimate the power of the web. Internet searches are happening constantly, and getting your business to show up for those searches can give you a substantial amount of growth.

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