Should You Split Jobs With Other Detailers?


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The detailing industry is a unique environment. You have competition and you also have support and education from some of your competitors (especially non local detailers).

The detailing community is a large contribution of people sharing knowledge on their skills and strategies, and helping one another succeed.

A topic that has come up in discussion on social media recently is splitting a job with someone else. This means that detailers are finding a benefit in working with/hiring on local detailers, rather than competing with them.

While the paycheck for a job you do on your own can be nice, it can also be a large task to take on.

You can also run into new challenges such as the removal of certain scratches, fades, stains, and other marks that are difficult to remove.

So what are the benefits of splitting your jobs with another detailer? Here’s what we found:

Outsource services that you don’t offer and split the profits

Think about this: You’ll make someone’s car look brand new, but they want something like PPF to protect their car from future cosmetic issues.

If you don’t offer PPF as a service, you may know someone who does. You can hire them to complete the specific task at hand and split some of the profit. You get paid for your work, and you get paid for getting someone else more work.

Learn a lot from other professionals

It’s true. Working together can lead you to learn new strategies and methods. Especially if you hire-on someone who has a lot of experience.

Not only with detailing, but also with marketing. You might run into some very smart marketing tips for auto detailers.

In some cases you may even find yourself a mentor. There are a lot of detailers with years of experience who simply just want to share their knowledge to help others succeed.

Provide service to twice as many clients

Together you can help more clients in one day. In this case you can raise your prices and justify it by telling the clients that the job will get done a lot faster than a one-man job, with the same (if not better) quality since you have more eyes on the vehicle being detailed.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hurting your profits by working together. If you charge $300 per vehicle by yourself and can do 3 cars in one day, your maximum potential is $900.

If you’re working with someone else, you can charge more per vehicle, such as $400. Then you can detail 6 cars together in one day and make $2400. Splitting that evenly takes you home $1200 that day instead of $900.

Those numbers are just figures, but the point is the detailing community agrees that working with other detailers has a lot of benefits to your business.

To manage clients, jobs, and income, you may want to look into some management tools for auto detailers.

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