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Diamond Auto Detailing - Macomb Township, Washington, Michigan

It was a normal Saturday afternoon, a busy one for many detailers. The spring and summer seasons bring people outside again and they want their cars shining in the sun.

With the market opening back up again, a lot of detailing businesses are executing their marketing game plans. To have a busy spring and summer season, they have to find ways to get in front of the increase in potential new and returning clients.

For many, that includes making investments into marketing strategies. Diamond Auto Detailing in Macomb Township, MI continued their game plan with a new website, which started to get leads just hours after we launched.

“We honestly thought the first lead was a test due to how soon it came in”
- Mike Gambetta, Founder of Caliper

6 days later: Boom in traffic, leads, search appearance, and compliments on the website and presentation of the auto detailing services and packages.

So what was done right to make this happen?

While Caliper built the entire website and optimized it for Google Search, Diamond Auto Detailing also set themselves up for higher success by having a Google MyBusiness Page.

When people look for detailers, they are looking locally. They don’t want to drive far to have their car cleaned, and they don’t want to pay extra money for transportation by the detailer either. So they are going to find someone nearby.

This is where Google does their magic, by showing the local businesses first and before any websites. To be recognized by Google as a local business, you need to have a Google MyBusiness account.

You can then link your website, phone number, email, and address. This gives potential customers options on how they want to contact you. Do they want to just drive up? Are they comfortable on a phone call? If not, do you have a website to allow them to submit a request for your services? These are all questions that you need to ask yourself when building your game plan.

At Caliper, we made sure the website loads fast and is user friendly. Every website we build is responsive to all devices. We used our SEO strategies to not only make the website rank higher in Google Search, but also have a strong amount of clicks. This is done by making your website titles and descriptions look appealing.

It’s only been 6 days, but we had to write about the success that Diamond Auto Detailing is having due to a strong investment in their game plan. We are excited to see the growth continue and we hope to bring many more detailers to the same success.

If you are in need of a website for your detailing business, view our packages and/or contact us today.

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