What to Look For in Version 2.0 of Caliper CRM Software


What to Look For in Version 2.0 of Caliper CRM Software

Around the beginning of 2021 we launched a CRM software for auto detailers. It’s simple, but free to use and accessible from any device.

All you need is a device with a browser and internet connection and you can login to use the app at no cost which makes it super convenient.

We have a feature that already exists, allowing users to put in requests for new features on the app. We have listened to those requests in the past and have put together a new version of the CRM software.

Version 2.0 will have an updated look, enhanced features that already exist, and new features. We’re also going to be introducing a pro version for those who want to take more advantage of what technology can do for their business.

The plan is to launch the 2nd version before the end of 2022. We’ll give you a small heads up on what’s to come:

  1. Updated design / interface
  2. Save customer vehicles and locations
  3. “Next Job” section with information about your next vehicle
  4. Unlimited storage
  5. Pro version

Updated design / interface

We wanted to make everything easier to look at and understand. So we’re updating the interface just slightly to make everything more clear to the end user.

The navigation menu on mobile will be much larger and user friendly, plus there are a few more tabs being added.

Input fields and forms are designed better.

Save Customer Vehicles and Locations

You asked, we listened! You’ll now be able to save multiple vehicles and locations and vehicles underneath your customer’s information when you’re part of the Pro membership.

Being able to see the kind of make, model, size, and even color ahead of time will give you an idea of your timeframe, strategies, and products to use. It also helps with remembering clients and their vehicles, and if there were any special requests/incidents in the past.

We want to make it easy on you to keep information organized!

View Your “Next Job”

The largest change coming to the application is a new section on the main tab allowing you to see which job is coming up next. Your schedule is very important as a detailer. We don’t want you to have to scroll at all to see who is next on your schedule.

We’re excited for this feature as we strongly believe it’s going to help users with their time management and quickly being able to access time-sensitive information.

You will still be able to view your other upcoming jobs on the home tab and in the ‘Jobs’ tab.

Unlimited Storage

You can now have as many clients, services, jobs, and other saved information as you’d like. Please be aware that we will still be monitoring for spam or abuse of the system, we expect you to save only information that is tied to running your business.

Our storage limits were large in the past to begin with, but we have upgraded our servers since, allowing for more storage and processing.

Pro Version

This will be for those wanting a more enhanced experience. The Pro version will be an affordable monthly subscription, giving you access to more features and no advertisements.

Some awesome features included only in the Pro Version:

  • Managing Employees
  • Marketing Tutorials (Social media, websites, Google)
  • Save multiple locations and vehicles for each client

We expect to have this new version launched in the next couple of months. Our goal of launching before the end of 2022 is well within reach.

Caliper appreciates everyone who has used our application/services or have just tried it out in the past. We are truly thankful for your interests, and we plan to continue to keep supplying you with awesome content and tools to use.

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