Where to Get Auto Detailing Business Cards Designed and Printed


Where to Get Auto Detailing Business Cards

Business cards are an important marketing strategy for your detailing business. Not only do business cards make you look professional, they help retain customers and make it easier to get new customers. Some challenges that a detailing business owner faces when looking for business cards is finding a good place to have them designed, purchased, and shipped for an affordable price. You could hire someone to first design them for you, and then import the design to someone who prints them, or you could go to someone to do the designing and the printing for you. There are also platforms where you can do it yourself, or share projects with a designer.

Detailing business cards are also usually put in the hands of a graphic designer when it comes to actually creating and designing the business card. That's unless you also have graphic design skills on top of your auto detailing skills. You may have some artistic skills and creativity, and want to design the detailing business card yourself, or you may be seeking someone to do the designing for you. We’ll go over places where you can find detailing business cards to benefit you in both scenarios. You should go to each website and view their business card pricing, estimated shipping times, and other information that could help you decide on the best platform to get your cards.

Overnight Prints - All in One Place for Auto Detailing Business Cards

Want something unique and want it fast? Overnight Prints may be your best option. They live up to their name and if you place your order by 8:00 pm EST, your business cards will be delivered to you the very next day for a very affordable price. When you go on their website, you can see that they offer a variety of different card structures and designs. So if you’re looking for something that’s not just flat and rectangle, then Overnight Prints may have the options that you are looking for.

You can get started by going to their website, specifically the business card page. Then click the “Get Started” button. You will then be taken to a user-friendly interface where you can upload a design or choose a template design and customize it yourself through the interface.

Canva - Easy and Flexible Platform for Auto Detailing Business Cards

Probably the highest recommended platform to get detailing business cards. Canva has a very user-friendly online platform (both web and mobile app) where you can design, buy, and ship business cards, flyers, and other marketing items. They also make the projects on the app collaborative, so if you want someone to design the app for you, then you can simply share the project with them. After they design the business card for you, from your end on the app you can buy the cards and have them printed and shipped to your location. It’s probably the best one-stop shop for business cards that you will find and is very easy to use.

Start your design by opening a project in either the mobile app or on your computer. Canva’s mobile app interface is very easy to navigate and there are tons of templates and design options to get as custom as you need. Try to avoid putting your services list on your business card, this will likely clutter the card and make the rest of it hard to read. To let people see your services, put a link to your auto detailing website that has all of your services listed.

Vistaprint - Online Platform for Detailing Business Cards and Marketing Items

You can find an array of designs and options for detailing business cards on Vistaprint. This is another platform widely recommended by detailers and other business owners, as business cars are one of many marketing materials you can design, print, and ship to your location. Their pricing is better than the other platforms but you’ll need to buy a minimum of 100 cards instead of 50. While all of the pricing is pretty competitive, you’re likely to get your best deal with Vistaprint.

Vistaprint has an online interface for you to get started with designing your auto detailing business card. They also allow you to upload designs or choose their designs and customize them. Choose the design that you want and edit the contents so that it matches your business and contact information.

Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer to Create Your Detailing Business Card

You can go to sites like Fiverr to get a detailing business card designed by a professional graphic designer. You can guarantee that your card will look good if you’re hiring someone with skills in that field to design it for you. After they finish designing your business card, you can ask if they are capable of printing and shipping, or they can send the design to you and you can go to one of the platforms mentioned above and upload the design yourself. Actually ordering the cards yourself will probably save you some money, so it is important to consider your options and create a plan. While detailing business cards aren’t a very expensive cost, you can still save money by exploring what’s out there.

Our recommendation: Get the best design that you possibly can. Looking professional goes a long way and you shouldn’t be handing out cards that are poorly designed. You need a card that grabs and retains attention and is easy to read and understand. You could do this by using a different shape (example: a detailing business card that fits in the cup holder), a matte/flat background, or any feature that simply stands out from other detailing business cards.