Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly


Mobile Friendly Auto Detailing Website

You may be reading this post from your mobile phone right now. You’ll notice that the content fits within the screen’s width, and easy to read.

Now, imagine if you had to use your thumb to scroll right to finish reading that last paragraph, chances are you would just leave the site.

Your Visitors Want Clean Content

There are quite a few elements that factor in whether or not your website is mobile friendly. Another example includes headings and text.

If they are difficult to view or read, chances are no one is actually going to consume that content.

In fact, you have about 3 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention before they leave your website. If your auto detailing website is mobile friendly, you’ve already done most of the work.

Your content must be easy to view, and interesting enough to get your visitors to keep scrolling.

Think of the “be easy to view” part as an absolute deal breaker. You could have some great information, but if it is hard to consume, it will go unnoticed.

Most of Your Traffic Comes from Social Media

If you link your website on your social accounts, you better have a mobile friendly website! Most people access social media from their smartphone, so chances are that’s where they’ll be going to your website.

The articles and websites with great content get shared all over the place, from threads in Twitter to promotional posts on Facebook. Your website must be prepared for that if you want it to grow.

Not only do your web pages have to look clean, the way your website appears in a social media link is important too.

Having a photo, title, and description that is relevant to your site is a huge factor in whether or not someone clicks that link.

Google and Other Search Engines Prefer Responsive Websites

"Responsive" means that all of the content on the web page adjusts according to the width of the screen of the device currently viewing the website.

For example, this website is responsive and will adjust all of the content whether it is on a desktop or a smartphone.

Google and other search engines check for this before even showing you in the search results.

Make sure to get a professional, responsive website for your detailing business.

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