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Caliper CRM - auto detailing software

Core Features

Caliper is a free auto detailing software that works on all devices, anytime, anywhere.

Schedule Jobs

Stay on top of your upcoming jobs and view all job history.

Update Workflows

Know the status of your jobs as you schedule and complete them.

Manage Clients

Add, edit, and delete contacts from your customer database.

List Services

Store your packages, prices, and descriptions for quick reference.

Estimate Totals

Quickly add, automate, and edit job estimates for your clients.

Analyze Growth

Track the growth of your business and impact of returning clients.

Exclusive Newsfeed

Stay informed on the detailing community and view marketing tips.

Chat Support

We're here to help! Support is available through the app.

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

CRM Software is the tool that you use to manage information about your customers and your business in order to help you grow.

Caliper is Free

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Frequently asked questions and our answers

How does Caliper track the growth of my business?

Or auto detailing software lets you log your jobs and clients, then shows you the growth through data as you complete jobs.

Who is Caliper for? Who can use it?

Our platform is for auto detailers and auto repair technicians that need a tool to stay organized and analyze growth.

How does Caliper make management easier?

We take the stress out of storing your contacts, pricing your services, and quoting job estimates from any device.

Is there a cost to use this platform?

Our platform is free for use!

Is there support if I need help?

Yes. We have a chat support feature in the app and will be happy to help you become familiar with the interface.

What is the 'Exclusive Newsfeed' about?

We're happy you asked! This will be a section for detailers to get marketing tips, links to sales on products, and more.

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