The Ultimate Guide to Advertising Your Detailing Business


Advertise Detailing Business

We often don’t think about the marketing obstacles that exist until we run into them. Or we just weren’t expecting those obstacles to exist in the first place. In this article, we’re going to tell you what you can expect to face and the strategies that work in this ultimate guide to advertising your detailing business.

Why do you need to advertise your detailing business? It's how you gain more customers and promote your brand to other people. Effective advertising strategies will establish your brand as professional and attractive, while bringing you more business. One of the best ways to establish yourself as a professional is by getting a custom auto detailing website. When a page looks good and loads fast, you're showing people you invest into your business and you are serious about your work.

Another way to avoid advertising obstacles is to eliminate what doesn't work and know what not to do when promoting your business. Do your best to not come off as spam or pressuring. If you're in a text conversation with a potential customer, try not to blow their messages up and allow them time to respond. Try to avoid any marketing material that looks cheap. If you're not good at graphic design, hire a graphic designer to do your logos, flyers, and other marketing items. If you're going to take on creating the material yourself, then go in with a plan. If you're building your own website, avoid these 4 common DIY website mistakes to prevent coming off as unprofessional.

Other than getting a logo designed and establishing the very beginning of your brand, it can feel a bit blurry when deciding what’s the next best step to take in your marketing and advertising efforts. Once you get a system going for yourself, everything starts to get easier. The best way to get a system going for yourself in the beginning is by testing the waters of everything, and then maximizing your efforts on the strategies that worked for you.

For example, you may run Instagram ads, Facebook ads, and ads on other social media platforms using a photo of a car you recently detailed. After a week or two, review your results. Which platform got you the most leads and customers? Now you know where to boost photos of your work, and instead of putting 3 payments into 3 different ads on 3 different platforms, use that money all on the one that works.

On the flip side, if one of your ads didn’t work out. Don’t be discouraged, it’s a lesson on what works and what doesn’t work. You can always come back to that method with a different approach to try and get better results at a better time. In the beginning, stay focused on finding what works. This will save you money in the long-run and you’ll learn a lot about the market early on.

When it comes to paying for ads, Facebook and Google tend to get the most customers for detailing businesses. This is because of Facebook’s ability to make ads reach just about anyone’s personal newsfeed (and most people have a car that’s probably dirty right now), and because Google controls two-thirds of internet searches and traffic.

Well, you’ve figured out your online advertising strategy. What else can you do? Believe it or not, word of mouth is by far one of the greatest ways to get more customers and grow your auto detailing business. It’s effective but it requires you actually having to detail some cars and get those customers talking about you. Don’t worry, there’s a strategy.

Cars don’t stay clean. Simple as that. So when a customer needs their car cleaned again, they need to be thinking about you. At first, they may need a reason to come back other than good work and good customer service. Offer an incentive to get them to return, such as 10% off their interior detail. Now they’ve come to you twice and you’ve proved yourself more. You don’t want them to think you’re just going to give them a discount to keep coming back, here’s what to do:

Start a referral program. Do they know anyone else who needs their car detailed? Have them refer your business, and offer them another discount for making the referral each time. At this point, not only are you growing because of word of mouth, you’re encouraging your customers to keep this system going for you, because they know there’s a reward. Your customer now knows the discounts aren’t just a handout, and they have some work to do.

When you break down word of mouth advertising like we did above, it creates a clear vision and plan for you to get your system going without hurting your business. Offering someone 10% off (or any other discount) to bring you more people to do the same exact thing sounds like a way to boom your auto detailing business.

What about physical advertising material for your detailing business? Some effective ways to 'leave your mark' are branded air fresheners, paper floor mats, business cards, and cup holder business cards. Unless these items get thrown out (unlikely to happen if your customers appreciate you), they'll see these items by the next time their car begins to get dirty and they'll give you a call. If it stays in their sight, it will stay in their mind.

Add your logo to a variety of scented air fresheners and offer this as a cheap/free additional service after completing an interior detail. Your goal here is to leave your mark and make another impression after your job is completed.

Get some paper floor mats with your business name on them. Not only does this make you look professional, it makes your customer feel like they are really getting into a new car, which was your ultimate goal in the first place.