Terms & Conditions

Updated 5/7/2024

These Terms and Conditions for use of our services have been updated as of 11/10/2023.

Website Design

Caliper Auto designs and develops websites only for auto detailers and those in the auto care and protection industry. For inquiries about website design/development for other types of businesses, we will refer you to a quality developer who can assist you. Caliper Auto is a service and product of Gambetta Development LLC.

Our packages are designed to meet the needs of auto detailing businesses who offer small to large varieties of services. A 5 page website will fit more content than a 3 page website, but also requires more work, which is why it is priced higher.

For all website packages, a deposit of 50% must be made to begin design and development. Once the website has been put together and a demo link has been reviewed, the other 50% is due to make the website live.

Once the second 50% invoice is sent, clients have 10 business days to make a payment or they are subject to a late fee of $30. For clients who are facing financial hardship or have the intention of saving for the 2nd half and pushing out the payment to a later date, we will keep your website in demo mode for you to review until you are financially ready to make the website live as long as you inform us about your situation. There are no refunds for websites, website deposits, or SEO services. All sales are final.

Pre-built designs are website templates that are already put together and are offered at a lower cost. Since pre-built designs have already been put together, the intellectual property rights of the website are owned by the developer. Certain parts of pre-built designs can be customized/adjusted, but a completely customized website is offered as a separate service.

All websites (pre-built and custom) are designed and developed using a custom framework. We do not use Wix, GoDaddy Website Builder, WordPress, or any other drag-drop/easy-to-use editor due to design limitations and security reasons. With this being said, there is not a “login”/CMS platform to allow anyone to go in and make edits. Our low-cost maintenance plan covers all updates and assistance regarding your website in a more efficient manner than providing a login/CMS. This also improves the security of your website.

For businesses who have had a website with us in the past and then got a new website elsewhere, we will keep a backup of your website’s files that we built for you and can send that to you at any time. If you decide that you would like to put your old website back and work with us again, there will be a $500 fee to put it back on our servers and the maintenance plan is due to begin right away.

Website Maintenance

As of February 1st, 2024, website maintenance covered for the first month is now only offered with the Platinum website design package. For all other packages, maintenance will be due with the final invoice. Due to rising costs, as of March 1st, 2024, any free website maintenance plans will need to be upgraded to Basic to allow continued hosting and updates.

As of early 2023, we have made upgrades to our servers and platforms that have required additional costs. Our minimum basic maintenance plan is $25 per month. Maintenance covers cloud hosting, updates, security, new pages, and unlimited support and is subject to change.

Website maintenance is a subscription automatic based payment using Stripe and you will be billed monthly. If your plan is active and then your automatic payment gets declined, we will reach out to you within 48 hours to inform you about the issue. You have 10 business days to resolve the billing issue or you may be subject to a $15 late fee for a missed maintenance payment. Website updates and domain renewals cannot be completed unless a maintenance plan is active. When reactivating a maintenance plan, you will be billed for the prior months that were missed.

If you were sent a maintenance plan link/invoice and chose to ignore it, your website will not be hosted or kept live on our servers much longer. The files will not be lost and your website can be restored at any time. We can also send you the files if you decide to host your website elsewhere.

For those on an active maintenance plan, you are prioritized when it comes to website updates. We will respond to you and complete any update requests in a timely manner.

Domain Names & Renewals

If you don’t already have a domain name, we will get one for you at no additional cost when building your website. Renewals are covered by our maintenance plan (only if we registered the domain name for you). If you are not on an active maintenance plan, we are unable to renew your domain name for the next year, and your website will no longer be live once the domain name expires.

If you own your domain name, we will need to adjust the settings of that domain name to make your new website live. We will be happy to assist you through the process or login and complete the setting updates for you.

Graphic/Logo Design

We offer graphic/logo design services upon request. This service is typically a smaller scope of work for websites and may require additional revisions. Payment must be made in full before any work is started on designing logos, social media graphics, banners, or printed marketing material (such as brochures). For printed marketing material, you will be billed for the printing and shipping costs as well as the design fee.